French string trio founded in 1972 by graduates of Paris Conservatory. Performs worldwide and has recorded most of the trio repertoire. Members also pursue international solo careers. 5th LMMC appearance.
TRIO PASQUIEROct. 19, 2014

Régis Pasquier - violin           Bruno Pasquier - viola
Roland Pidoux - cello

Most ensembles bearing the name “Trio” consist of piano, violin and cello. The Pasquier Trio is different. The three French musicians who have comprised the Pasquier Trio – violin, viola and cello – for more than three decades, have been united in their love of chamber music since they were students together at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. All three graduated with top honours from the Conservatory and rapidly established major solo careers. They now hold faculty positions at the Conservatory where they trained. Currently at the peak of their careers, they perform independently throughout Europe and North America and concurrently devote time to the Trio, where they have the opportunity to simultaneously express their musical individuality and their total musical rapport. The Trio was founded as far back as the late 1920's by three Pasquier brothers, Jean, Pierre and Etienne, the latter being the father of the two Pasquier brothers who continue the legacy. Over the years, the Trio has commissioned many new works by important composers such as Florent Schmitt, Guy Ropartz, and Albert Roussel. Their discography includes most of the repertory for string trio.


MOZART                Prelude and Fugue, K. 404a,
                                  from J.S. Bach BWV 526

SCHUBERT            String Trio in B flat major, D. 471

SCHOENBERG       String Trio, Opus 45
                                        Part I
                                        Episode 1
                                        Part II
                                        Episode 2
                                        Part III

SCHNITTKE          String Trio

BEETHOVEN        String Trio in C minor, Opus 9 No. 3
                                        Allegro con spirito
                                        Adagio con espressione
                                        Scherzo:  Allegro molto e vivace
                                        Finale:  Presto